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Order your wine from the comfort of your home!

Do you still remember the taste of our family wine that you tasted in Frascati? You cold join it again at your home!

During this hard time, we're shipping our wine and products worldwide!

These are the prices!

  • FRASCATI SUPERIORE D.O.C.G (white wine) €12 per bottle

  • LAZIO I.G.T. (red wine) €12 per bottle

  • CANNELLINO DI FRASCATI D.O.C.G. (sweet white wine) €16 per bottle

  • TRUFFLE SAUCE €6 per little jar

How to order?

If you'd like to order some products you could reach us on +393275735926 or +393493809828 or via email or also via Instagram We'll send you a quote with all the instructions to order them. The discount will be applied on the order!


All the prices do not include the shipping which depends on the country!

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